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How to Measure For Your Bridal Gown

Have a full length mirror in front of you so you can check the gown while still standing upright! Grab your measuring tape!



General Tips for Measuring

  • Have someone you know and trust measure you. 

  • We typically like to leave one finger behind the measuring tape just for a little ease.

  • Use the full length mirror to check that the measuring tape is completely parallel to the floor when measuring. You don’t want it slanted across a certain area when measuring. 

  • The measuring tape should be taught, but not tight.  You don’t want it so tight that it is pushing into your skin. But you don’t want it so loose that its falling down as you are holding it.

  • Measure in the undergarments that you think you will wear on your wedding day. Shape-wear? Put it on! 

Step 1


While still in the gown, please look at the length of the gown.  Think about the shoes that you will be wearing for the wedding.  If you have a shoe that is the same height you plan to wear on your big day, put those on.  Look at the gown and see if you need any extra length.  The gown should fall 1/4” off the ground.  Measure the amount of length you need to add.  Please snap a picture of you in the gown at this point so that we can confirm in store what the dress looked like while on you! 

Step 2


Take your bust measurement.  You want to measure around the largest part of your bust.  See diagram below.  Please measure wearing a regular non-padded bra.  This will allow for room in the gown for a seamstress to add in bust cups, if needed.

Step 3


Take your waist measurement.  You want to measure around the smallest part of your waist.  See diagram below.  If you are unsure where your waist is, bend over side ways and see where the crease on the side of your waist falls… that’s the spot!


Step 4


Take your hip measurement.  Measure around the largest part of your hips.  You want to go around the largest part of your bottom.  See diagram below.  This is the most important measurement if you are ordering a fitted gown!  Stand as you normally would to be comfortable (see diagram).  Typically you would be standing with your feet facing forward and your feet just a couple inches apart.

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 2.48.50 PM.png

How to Measure Video

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