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About our Tampa, Florida Bridal Boutique...

Located in the heart of South Tampa at 2109 West Kennedy Blvd. For over 10 years, Malindy Elene Bridal has been striving to give each bride the wedding dress shopping experience she has always dreamt of.  Upon entering the boutique, you can expect to find bridal gown classics with a modern twist. With a personal bridal stylist to help walk you through your entire appointment, you will be guided into your perfect wedding gown. Get ready to be celebrated with a champagne toast when you say "YES" to the dress!



Take a peek inside of our bridal boutique...


Meet Our Team




Her Advice: 'Don’t be afraid to surprise yourself! If you find you love something you didn’t expect to that is okay! I always say “you don’t HAVE to stick to your Pinterest board”. As long as you feel like yourself and the dress makes you truly HAPPY then that’s what matters most!'




Her Advice: 'Enjoy the process and soak in every second! Every dress will look stunning on you, but when you put on a dress you don’t want to get out of, you know you’ve found the one! We're here to celebrate you!'




Her Advice: 'Come in with a positive mindset! Leave any insecurities or worries at the door and set a positive expectation for your appointment. It is good to be open and honest about any hesitations you might have to your stylist, but make sure not to carry them with you. We want you to enjoy every single moment and soak up all of the joy and excitement.'

Our Experience

The Malindy Elene experience is unlike any other!  We are a true boutique setting and understand the importance of making each bride feel as special as they should on their big day!  To start, each bride will have the bridal shop to herself and her party during her appointment time.  She will have her own personal bridal stylist to understand her bridal look and her entire wedding day feel, ensuring that we are able to help her find the perfect wedding gown!

Once we understand you and your vision for your day, we will begin to select wedding dresses perfect for you! We value your opinion and you are always welcome to try on as many or as few bridal gowns as you please! All of our wedding dresses are out on the boutique floor so you are able to see our entire selection… you never know what may catch your eye!

Now, let the shopping begin! We will narrow down the selection to your top few favorites gowns. As we try on the favorites, we will begin to accessorize! We have a complete selection of bridal veils, sashes, earrings, hair pieces and more to give you an idea of your entire look.  We’ll even put your hair in a quick up-do if needed (yep, we’re that good!).

What they say is true: when you know it’s your gown, you just know! Once you “Say Yes to the Dress” we will pop champagne and celebrate with you and your group!  After your purchase, your bridal stylist and the rest of the ME staff are always available to answer any questions you may have!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range of the bridal gowns? We pride ourselves on having a large variety of price points! Our wedding dresses range between $1,500 and $5,000 in store.  The majority of our bridal gowns are always between $2,000 and $3,500.  Our selection above and below the majority can be slim, so please ensure you describe what you’re looking for when you make your appointment and we can help direct you! Our bridal gowns are almost all made somewhere in America, the UK or Australia with French Alencon or Chantilly lace paired with Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls. Another perk? You can always customize any item on your wedding dress! Ask your bridal stylist about this service and she’ll give you all the details!

Do I need a bridal appointment? To ensure that you get the time and attention that every bride deserves, appointments are recommended.  Appointments are always required on Saturdays and Sundays.  We have a limited amount of dressing rooms and seating space so be kind to yourself and your group… make a bridal appointment and you can be treated like a queen!

How long will my bridal appointment last?  Appointment times an hour and a half for a bride shopping at Malindy Elene for the first time.  Since we only schedule one appointment at a time, if you need some extra time or some extra attention, we would love to give that to you! You’ll never be rushed out.  Want a particularly long appointment time? Give us a ring! We can set something up on a weekday and, due to it being a more quiet time, you can have almost as much time as your heart desires!

How many people can I bring?  We want to provide our brides with an intimate experience when you purchase your wedding dress. We recommend that you limit your group to between 3 and 4 very special people.  We love being a cozy boutique but it does come with limited seating.  Please let us know prior to your appointment if there will be a large group so we can talk about accommodating them.  Thanks for your understanding!

Do I need to bring anything? If you have any heirloom pieces or particular shoes you know you’ll be wearing, then bring them with you so you can get your entire bridal look on the first try!  You are always welcome to bring pictures of wedding dresses you really love or have already tried on! We love getting a visual of what you’re looking for! Also ensure you bring all the special people you need to “say yes to the dress”!  You can never recreate the moment that you find your gown so always be ready!

How long does it take to order a wedding gown? Because our designer's bridal gowns are all custom made for you, gowns normally take 5 to 8 months to come in depending on how detailed your wedding dress may be!  It is hard to wait that long, we know! But, this way, each piece of your bridal gown is made just for you.  No piece of your gown will be sitting in a factory beforehand; each fabric, flower, crystal, lace, is handcrafted just for you!  Wedding a bit sooner?  Rush options are always available, but rush fees may apply!
All our accessories are custom ordered as well! Bridal sashes take the longest at about 10 weeks (due to their intricacy!) but others can take between 3 weeks and 8 weeks.

Are alterations included? Alterations are not included.  We always size you for your wedding gown and get you to the closest size possible so that alterations are as little as possible.  We have two wonderful seamstresses who meet right in our boutique!  They visit us on Tuesday and Thursday to accommodate our brides. If alterations in the shop isn't convenient for you, we have a recommended list of seamstresses for you to visit at well!

What is a trunk show?  Our boutique has a curated selection of between 8 and 15 bridal gowns from each of our designers in the shop.  Of course, each designer has more wedding dresses than that in their collection - so, the designer will ship us an extra 10 to 20 dresses to showcase in our shop for a limited time and we can offer you a discount on any wedding dresses designed by that particular designer!  Appointments ALWAYS fill up quick so make your bridal appointment as soon as possible!

Take a peek inside of our shop

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